Academic Calendar

The academic calendar lists important dates throughout the school year, such as the first day of school, orientation dates, finals weeks and official holidays.

2022-2023 Calendar

September 12-18  
First onsite classes (including orientation) for the master of science in midwifery students.  Online orientation begins August 15. 

September 19-21 
Orientation (WA & CA) Most Programs 

September 19-24 
No Teaching Clinic 

September 22 
Fall Classes Begin for All Students 

September 24 
Clinics closed 

September 26 
Fall Clinic Begins 

November 24-26 
Thanksgiving Holiday 

December 2 
Fall Classes End 

December 9 
Final Exams End 

December 10 
Fall Clinic Ends 

December 12-23 
Interim Clinic 

December 24-January 1 
Campus & Clinic Closure 

January 3-7 
Interim Clinic 

January 9 
Winter Classes/Clinic Begin 

January 16 
Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday 

February 20 
Presidents' Day Holiday 

March 17 
Winter Classes End 

March 24 
Final Exams End 

March 25 
Winter Clinic Ends 

March 27-April 1 
Interim Clinic 

April 3-8 
No Teaching Clinic 

April 10 
Spring Classes/Clinic Begin 

May 19
Bastyr Community Day (WA) 

May 29 
Memorial Day Holiday 

June 16 
Spring Classes End 

June 23 
Final Exams End 

June 24 
Spring Clinic Ends 

June 26 
Commencement Ceremony (WA) 

June 30 
Commencement Ceremony (CA) 

June 26-July 1 
No Teaching Clinic (No interim) 

July 3-4
Independence Day holiday 

July 5
Summer clinic begins 

July 6-7 
Remediation exams

July 10
Summer classes begin 

September 1
Summer classes/final exams end

September 4 
Labor Day holiday

September 16
Summer clinic ends 

September 18-23
No teaching or interim clinic